Secure your Cars

Using SMS technology with absolutely no need for internet connectivity and no new equipments

SMS BasedNew

Built-in GPS and A.I

0 FRS Per Month*
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Why you need Zoomed

Secure your car or fleet with SMS across Africa

Secured SMS

In-Built Cloud

Africa Wide

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Any SMS enabled device

Control your fleet with any SMS enabled device such as cell phones, fixed phones, smart watches and much more.

Accurate GPS Location

Use an SMS to locate your car or fleet, with direction, speed and elevation information. You can even know where the car has been for past 12 Months

Voice Capabilities

Carry out voice surveillence and two way calling with your car or fleet, no more being lied to about why the car stopped. You can even record conversations within the car remotely.


Has your car been stolen or taken to a restricted area?, send an SMS from any device and immobilize the car.

Effective Costs

Take a look at our packages made available for you

Bronze Plan

Designed for individuals and SME with less than 5 Cars

  • GPS Location of cars via SMS
  • Voice Survelleince and two way calling
  • Power Failure alert via SMS
  • Immobilization via SMS
  • SOS ALert / Alarm via SMS
  • Ignition Alert via SMS
  • Overspeed Alarm via SMS
  • Geofencing via SMS
175, 000 XAF / Installation
0.00 XAF / Month
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Gold Plan

Ideal for Companies and businesses with more than 20 Cars

  • All the options of the Bronze Plan included
  • 24/7 Support Team
  • Complete Management
  • Free Updates and Upgrades
  • Monthly Statistics and Analysis
  • Theft Prediction Analysis
  • Repairs and Replacement of chips
  • Free Training
150, 000 XAF / Installation
5,500 XAF / Month
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Platinum Plan

Designed for businesses and organisations with more than 50 Cars

  • Bronze and Gold Plans included
  • Live Map
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Offline Customer Support
  • Driver Analysis
  • Fuel Consumption / Analysis
  • History of Car's locations
  • Zonal Alerts
120, 000 XAF / Installation
7,500 XAF / Month
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We are dedicated to our clients

Here is what some people had to say about our project, we hope that you too will tak about us in this light and we promise to satisfy your needs.

“One of the best car security system around the globe today.”

National News 25th Feb. 2017

“Bisong has a set of dishonest drivers who always play over his intelligence when it comes to respecting policies and balancing daily revenue. Ever since he installed this app in his cars, his daily revenue has increased as the drivers cannot lie anymore. The app monitors their every move via SMS”

AfroHustler Magazine
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