ZOOMED works by allowing users to send SMS from their existing mobile devices to their cars in realtime and carrying out series of functions much of which are unique to us at a fraction of the cost.

Award Winning Tech.

Won Excellence prize of the president of Cameroon for innovation in 2018's JERSIC

Multiple Satellites

Continent wide GPS coverage, We cover rural areas, forests, rivers and more

All Car Types

From automatic to manual cars, our system works perfectly no matter car type.

Fast Commands

Send and recieve commands from your car within 07 seconds Maximum

The Problem

The average African spends $35 a month for internet access and only 13% of the population have access to the internet and by extension the land surface area. This creates a lot of black spots (uncovered areas) throughout the continent. This makes securing cars with interet based systems not only expensive but needlessly as most rural areas are completely uncovered.

The Solution

By using basic SMS commands to control your fleet, ZOOMED does not only offer a cheaper alternative but is changing the way car tracking and security is offered across the globe and within Africa. Without the need for Internet services and connectivity, ZOOMED is suitable for both urban and rural areas with a more than 85% covereage throughout the continent and 92% coverage globally. And there is more...

Made in Africa

Designed and Developed by a group of Cameroonian Engineers with focus on Africa

Unique Features

Packed with unique features such as pothole monitoring and voice surveillence

Frequent Updates / Upgrades

Our in house programmers love adding new features to this application for you

Customer Support

Industry standard customer support available to all clients 24/7

ZOOMED Features

ZOOMED as a solution has been upgraded and updated ever since it was launched to the market in Febuary 2018. Presented here are some of the features that the application offers, but the listed is not exhausted.

Location Tracking

ZOOMED allows car owners and businesses to locate their cars in realtime through SMS commands and on our servers


In case your car is stolen, ZOOMED allows you to immobilize your car from across the globe with a single SMS command.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

ZOOMED is able to inform you how much fuel has been consumed overtime, our fuel is managed in realtime across the globe

Voice Surveillance

Remotely listen to what is being said in your car from across the globe without the occupants knowing that you are listening

Reports Management

ZOOMED comes with an extensive reporting system, no matter the number of cars in your fleet, our reports will help you stay ahead

Overspeeding Alerts

Set a speed limit for your cars and get SMS and web alerts when the limit is exceeded. car occupants will have no idea

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Updates and Upgrades

A solution to a real frican problem

Choose Your Desired Pricing

We have different type of pricing plans to choose from with your need with reasonable price. We have taken time to design pricing plans that will suit any car owner in Africa. Please select a plan that works with you, for other information please do not hesistate to contact our sales team below

20% OFF

Basic Package

  • 1-19 Cars
  • All SMS Functions
  • Web Access
  • Free Customer Support

* Renews at 3,100 CFA ($5.3) / Month

$208 Installation cost
120,000 FRS
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40% OFF

Pro Package

  • 20-50 Cars
  • AllBasic Plans
  • Fuel Consumption Monitoring
  • UnlimitedReports/month

* Renews at 10,000 CFA ($17.3) / Month

$86 Installation Cost
50,000 CFA
Talk to an Agent
60% OFF

Premium Package

  • > 50 Cars
  • All Pro Plans
  • Africa Wide Tracking
  • Live Camera Feed

* Renews at 20,000 CFA ($35) / Month

$0 Installation Cost
Free Installation
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